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Klub Kid
286 Naubuc Ave.
Glastonbury, CT 06033


Your child is unique! That's why we implements an age-appropriate curriculum for their class, giving thought to each individual child's development. Weekly lesson plans are created that focus on skill development.  Lesson plans outline weekly activities and include individual activities, large and small group activities, teacher directed and child initiated activities, active and quiet activities, and open ended, process focused activities.


At Klub Kid we are aware that the daily schedules of infants vary from child to child and are constantly changing as children grow and develop during their first year.  Our infant curriculum is based on the changing needs and different developmental stages of each individual child.  Our infant room is a safe, clean, “no-shoes” environment.  Our infant play area is where belly time, rolling over, sitting up, and crawling are encouraged.  When appropriate, infants are taken outside to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.  Teachers provide a relaxed, happy, joyful environment with music, age-appropriate toys and plenty of one-on-one time with each infant. We never try and adapt your child to preset routines and schedules for our convenience.


Our bright and sunny toddler room provides age-appropriate learning where children may choose play activities of interest.  The toddler curriculum is flexible to meet individual needs of the children.  Activities and projects focus on learning concepts, language skills, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sign language, Spanish, music, dance and laughter.  Our toddler room is filled with manipulative's, puzzles, blocks, chubby crayons and finger paints.  Outside play includes safe climbing on age-appropriate play equipment, swinging, sandbox play and riding toys.  Children will begin to learn valuable social skills such as sharing, taking turns, compassion, respect and developing trusting relationships.

Potty training is also integrated into the program day. Children will receive praise and encouragement during this important process.  Children must be allowed to achieve this milestone at their own pace, therefore, potty training is not required to move on to the preschool class.   


Klub Kid offers two preschool programs (ages 3 and 4-5 year olds).  

The 3 year- old program promotes the development of the whole child, by focusing on both emerging educational skills and social skills. 

The goal of the Pre-K (4-5 year olds) is to help prepare the children for their transition to kindergarten and help them feel comfortable and confident.     

Our dedicated preschool teachers make it their number one priority to provide warmth, individual attention and encouragement, to enhance the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of your child.   Classroom routine is built around a predictable schedule that provides security and stability for children.    Each class incorporates our theme based curriculum which focuses on art, dramatic play, science, literacy, math skills, music, dance, Spanish and exercise.  Preschool teachers invite children to explore, experiment and investigate.   Our three outdoor play areas invite, climbing, sliding, swinging, running, crawling, rolling, digging and exploring.


Before and After School

Klub Kid provides transportation to and from most Glastonbury elementary school and GEMS. (Naubuc School bus picks up and drops off in front of Klub Kid)  When children arrive in the afternoon, we provide a snack, complete homework and have outdoor and/or indoor free time.  The school-age program is also available for half days, holidays, school vacations as well as weather related school closings.  Our after school program has 10-12 children, providing for more individual attention for each child’s individual need and better adult supervision.  

Hours of Operation

7am to 6am

6 weeks to 12 years
Before/After School
Summer Camp